Posterolateral Knee Injury - Carrollton, TX
Dr. Goodhart is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in performing joint replacement and reconstruction surgeries of the knee. Patients in Carrollton, TX can visit him for treatment of various conditions like Posterolateral Knee Injuries, Ligament Tears, Fractures etc.

Posterolateral Knee Injury

The knee joint is supported by a group of soft tissues - tendons and ligaments. In case of a Posterolateral (PLC) injury, these structures tend to break away from their normal position and cause discomfort in the knee. Any external stress to the joint may also damage or weaken these bony structures causing instability and loss of joint function. PLC injuries may be classified into different grades depending on the severity and gap size between the joints. The condition generally affects athletes involved in contact sports like football, basketball, ice hockey etc.

  • Grade 1- gap size of about 3-5 mm
  • Grade 2- gap size of 5-10 mm
  • Grade 3- gap size of more than 10mm

Causes Of Posterolateral Knee Injury

  • Vehicular accidents that have high impact on the joint
  • Direct hit to the knee when it is hyperextended (straightened)

Symptoms Of Posterolateral Knee Injury

  • Pain at the back and side of the knee joint
  • Limited range of motion
  • Tenderness and swelling
  • Hyperextended or over straightened knee
  • Unstable joint
  • Change in gait pattern
  • Numbness and tingling sensation in the nerves
  • Foot drop may occur

Diagnosis Of Posterolateral Knee Injury

  • Detailed physical check by an orthopedic using observation and palpation to check for the location and severity of injury
  • Details of the mode of injury and patient’s lifestyle as well as past injuries if any may be noted down
  • X-ray imaging to check for gaps and fractures
  • MRI scan may be required to view the injured soft tissues
  • Arthroscopy may be used in some cases to conduct a detailed analysis
  • Gait analysis

Treatment For Posterolateral Knee Injury

Grade 1 and 2 injuries may be treated successfully by non surgical methods while more severe injuries may require surgery. Mentioned below are some of the methods to treat these injuries:

  • Use of a hinge brace may be suggested to support the knee a few weeks.
  • The doctor may ask the patients to minimize weight bearing on the injured leg for 2-3 weeks
  • Physical therapy may be suggested to improve flexibility and strength of the supporting muscles
  • Surgical tissue graft using a piece of tissue extracted from the Achilles tendon, hamstring muscles etc. may be used to reconstruct a damaged ligament or tendon
  • Sutures may be used to reattach the soft tissues o their bony structures
  • Use of proper shoes may be recommended to prevent the reoccurrence of such injuries as they lend support to the knee joint

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